Natural Way to Grow!

Natural Way to Grow!

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Use our NON-GMO PROTEIN instead of fertilizers – Made from 99% NON-GMO SOYBEANS, – Your NON-GMO PROTEIN variety solution that helps any plant grow better – It doesn’t matter whether you are growing or repotting. Witness your lings, flowers, vegetables or fruits blossom and bloom. We take pride in watching our customers offer us their gracious reviews on the satisfaction they achieve from our hard work. Our specialty NON-GMO PROTEIN help anything that grows in dirt Grow Better!

Watch them thrive

Use instead of nitrogen fertilizer – Our product is composed of healthy protein is the perfect nutrient to make your plants flourish.






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Our wholesome product perfect for all your horticultural needs. There’s no need for fertilizer. Now with our technology, this is your NON-GMO PROTEIN variety solution that helps any plant grow better. Witness the growth! Our product makes your plants grow healthier and quicker! Your plants will love the nutrients present in our top-selling product. It requires only ONE CUP of our NON-GMO PROTEIN in 5 gallons of dirt and watch the magic as it occurs. Don’t use too much or it can prove harmful for your plants.
Grow the Natural Way

Featured Products

10 Pounds Bucket

This is perfect for people who have smaller set-ups or have a few plants growing in their backyard. Premium NON-GMO PROTEIN in economic size.  NON-GMO with 40% PROTEIN.

Bucket: 20 pounds.

NON-GMO PROTEIN to help your plants flourish.

50 Pounds Sack

Sack of nutritious NON-GMO PROTEIN.

Tote: 2000 Pounds

NON-GMO PROTEIN for your plants.

Vegetables & Fruits

Pure NON-GMO PROTEIN. Incorporate our NON-GMO PROTEIN into the soil and watch the magic!

Flowers & Herbs

The best NON-GMO PROTEIN used. New, rich in protein, this is perfect for plant growth.
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